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How to Install Ruby on Rails on a MacBook Pro with an M1 Chip

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This video describes how to install Ruby on Rails on a 2021 MacBook Pro with the new M1 chip. In this video, I’m working with a brand spanking new laptop so I have no existing tools to make it easier on me. This would be a good aid for a beginner installing Ruby on Rails for the very first time.

In order to get a new Ruby Rails application to run locally, we need to install Ruby. The Mac default Ruby version (2.6.8) is no longer compatible with the Ruby on Rails ( so we need to install RVM. To install RVM, we need a tool called gpg2. To install that we need to get a package manager called Homebrew.

Once we install Homebrew we will be able to install gpg2.
Once we install gpg2 we will be able to install RVM.
Once we install RVM, we will be able upgrade our Ruby version.
Once we upgrade our Ruby version, we will be able to install Rails.
Once we install Ruby on Rails, we will accomplish the mission.

If you want to see the full write up of this process, check out

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