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Introduction to the APIs and Microservices – APIs and Microservices Projects – Free Code Camp

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In this APIs and microservices project, we make an introduction to the APIs and microservices section. This is the fourth part of four sections where we work to achieve our APIs and Microservices Certification.

In this video we clone an existing GitHub project using git commands via the terminal. We then update that existing node project so that the package.json works well with our host, Heroku. Then we deploy our Node.js application to a Heroku server. Finally, we configure the app to have a customized route and name. This essentially covers the process for creating a new node app and deploying it to a live server.

This video constitutes one part of many where I cover the FreeCodeCamp ( curriculum. My goal with these videos is to support early stage programmers to learn more quickly and understand the coursework more deeply. Enjoy!

The whole playlist for APIs and Microservices Projects can be found here:

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